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XRACT - in the time of Covid 19

Our first demand is to #TellTheTruth.

The truth right now: the coronavirus (Covid-19) is here, it’s dangerous, and mass public gatherings increase the risks on the most vulnerable people in our society. That is why we are cancelling all planned events until further notice (or proceeding virtually).

Rest assured, we are working on creative alternatives during this crisis. In particular we will aim to have meetings and trainings online. Keep an eye out on this website or our facebook page for updates.

As the coronavirus crisis rapidly progresses, let’s reflect on what’s coming if we don’t radically change the way society works. This is what a last-minute global response to an existential crisis looks like, things are likely to get far worse. Mayhem in airports, flights cancelled, people stranded, sick people abandoned on ships, supermarkets empty, no toilet paper, no hygiene products, health systems overwhelmed - this is only the beginning. But this is our chance to show how humanity can support each other at the time of crisis.

Our excellent global regen team has developed a useful resource in response to Covid-19:…/1l18xoacLVw1rWnxiVS-q6_xzcPp…/edit

Let’s listen to the scientists. Remember what’s at stake. Act out of love, not fear. Look after the most vulnerable around us. Take care of each other until this virus abates.

Then rebel.

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