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We take the protest to APPEA's offices

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

On Monday 27 Feb 2023, members of XR ACT and other activist groups blockaded two of the entrances to the office block in which APPEA - the nation's biggest fossil fuel lobby group - resides. We brought with us suitable props - life jackets, lifebuoys and inflatable dinghies - to highlight the dangers of rising seas due to emissions-related climate change. We also clambered up the side of the building to inhabit and protest from the first floor balcony.

Our objective was to disrupt access to the building, ie disrupt the APPEA office operations, for as long as we could. Of course this meant that staff in other tenants' organisations were also blocked, for which we apologised (and offered free cafe coffees). But stood our ground.

The police were soon called, but thankfully it took some time for the paddywagons and the fire and rescue cops to arrive, so the building was blockaded for around sixty minutes all up - terrific stuff. Five members chose not to follow police orders to move on, and were arrested and taken to the ACT Watch-house for formal charges to be laid.

This is important work, please join us. Including coming to support the five arrestees when they face their court appearance soon. Watch this space for dates.

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