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Join Super Freak and the Discobedience dance troupe as they bring awareness of the climate change emergency through '70's disco dance steps and Bee Gees hit songs.


Here's a few simple steps for getting involved.

Get inspired

There are lots of videos on line that show XR dance troupes and flash mobs busting out the moves. Here are just a few to inspire you:

Come to monthly performances

We normally perform once a month in Civic, either at the main intersection, corner Northbourne Ave and Alinga St, or other places.  We put the details up as events on the XR ACT Facebook page.  We call these actions 'Honk For Climate Action', and dance to get the cars a-honking and the pedestrians bopping.  You should join us and join in the fun!

Everyone is welcome so long as you abide by the XR principles and values. No dance experience required. 

Learn the Steps at home

We have on line tutorials to our three choreographed songs, so you can learn the steps at home.

So keep an eye on XRACT website events and our Facebook page for upcoming dance actions. 

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