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We welcomed the new parliament with a giant burning, howling koala

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Photography Julian Meehan

27th July 2022

We need to Declare a Climate Emergency and stop fuelling the climate crisis with coal and gas projects NOW!

Activists and crew came from as far South as Warrnambool and as far North as Newcastle to welcome the new Parliament, and let them know that we will accept nothing less than meaningful action to insure a liveable planet.

Our audience was the parliamentarians, the national media, and the motorists and pedestrians of Canberra.

The action was in 4 stages

Stage 1

The new Prime Minister, politicians and staff were confronted with with the 4m high howling smoking koala, wraiths and drums as they drove into work - on the back road to parliament house.

Stage 2

We moved around to the front of Parliament House and raised a huge banner held up by balloons demanding that they Declare a Climate Emergency. Thanks to the media who were ready and waiting to photograph the spectacle.

Stage 3

Motorists were met with Blinky and entourage blocking some traffic (with a police escort) and we paraded from Parliament House, over Commonwealth bridge into the city centre.

Stage 4

Pedestrians and motorists were fascinated by Blinky and the wraiths on the corner of Alinga and Northbourne Avenues, near the bus and tram terminals.

The koala, nicknamed 'Blinky' represents the estimated three billion animals that were killed or displaced by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/20. These intense climate events - bushfires, floods and storms are only going to get worse, as we feel the impact of the last 20 years of emissions.

The Wraiths are a warning that we must take action now or face a very dark future.

Feel free to use the images on your own social media.

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1 comentário

David Hood
David Hood
11 de ago. de 2022

Excellent Guys. Great confrontation for our politicians. Hope it shifted a mind or two!

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