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Look up, Canberra - How to XR in 2022

Extinction Rebellion ACT acknowledges the First Peoples of the lands upon which we live, love and rebel. We offer our respect to Elders past, present and emerging. As we face the climate crisis, we honour First Custodians, activists for land, water, culture and life and acknowledge that Country has never been ceded.

There's a place for everyone within Extinction Rebellion. Come tilt the climate trajectory this election year in cahoots with Canberrans of all kinds. All roles are important, any commitment is a contribution, all people are welcome.

We will help you find your niche. You could make collateral with Artivism, make trouble with Actions, make members with Mobilisation, make spectacle with the Red Rebels, make moves and grooves with Discobedience, make stories with Media & Messaging, and more. See below for how to 'XR you for 2022'. First step: attend an introductory talk 'Heading for Extinction' Come along to chat with fellow Canberrans about all things XR. Please indicate your interest by emailing so we can schedule it. Alternatively, introductory 'Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)' talks are scheduled online on 6, 16 and 20 February and 2 March. See the Extinction Rebellion Australia Facebook page, 'events' tab or the Extinction Rebellion Australia website 'events' section.

Next step: try something out Once you know what XR is about, you might like to turn up to any or all of the following:

  • XR ACT Northside Picnic (open to all XR, just happens to meet on the northside) meets on the second Saturday of each month to plan actions, 2-3.30pm. Next meet-up is Saturday 12 February.

  • XR ACT Southside meets first Sunday of each month at Artivism.

  • XR ACT Artivism meets on the southside (all welcome) on the first Sunday of each month, to make banners, t-shirts etc. Materials supplied, no experience or skills necessary. Next meet-up is Sunday 6 February.

  • XR ACT Discobedience meets on the third Saturday of each month. Dance moves taught in a fun, supportive group, no previous dance skills required. Next meet-up is Saturday 19 February.

  • XR ACT Mobilisation welcomes all with an interest in growing the movement.

  • XR ACT Media & Messaging welcomes all with an interest in communicating the climate emergency and XR's role in confronting it.

Next level: participate in actions (if and how you choose)

Through any of these groups, you can learn about and participate in formulating, providing support to and/or carrying out civil disobedience actions. Each action involves many people playing many different roles, such as:

  • Non-arrestable support roles (such as police liaison, regen/wellbeing, media liaison, livestreaming, legal observer)

  • Non-arrestable action roles (such as performance, holding banners) and

  • Arrestable action roles (disrupting business as usual).

If you choose to participate in actions, you can do so to whatever extent you wish to. 2022 will be a big year — for combatting the climate emergency, for Extinction Rebellion both globally and across Australia, and for Extinction Rebellion ACT. Your world needs you. Contact us to find out how to 'XR you for 2022'.


Preparations for the celebration of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy's 50th anniversary on 26 January are ongoing. XR members are assisting in individual capacities, with permission from and observing the protocols of the Tent Embassy. If you can assist in any way (for example getting involved in collecting wood, helping erect a marquee structure and ad hoc requests from the Embassy), please contact

Love & rage,



Get Involved:

  • Whatever time or skills you have to offer, we'd love to have you. Email if you'd like to chat to someone about finding your place.

  • Follow XR ACT on facebook and Instagram and check out the XR Australia website

  • If possible, support us through a once-off or recurring donation. We are a fully voluntary organisation; but funds are always needed for art, materials and infrastructure.

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