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Canberra’s peak hour car, foot, tram and bike traffic is in for a treat this Friday afternoon as Extinction Rebellion ACT takes to the streets to get down with climate action and to tell our government WE DON’T WANT DIRTY GAS.

Our Discobedience Dance Squad will be stepping out in style on the intersection of Northbourne Ave and Alinga St and we invite you to come along and watch the show, have a chat and maybe even learn some new moves.

Why? Because we want to live!

A climate and ecological crisis, extreme weather, unprecedented bushfire seasons, death, devastation, millions of Australians out of a job, homes and livelihoods lost.

Our country - with the potential to be a renewable energy superpower, missing this once in a century opportunity, and a corrupt government so hellbent on a gas-led recovery, they are interfering with the free market to make that happen.

It sounds like the hellish plot of an apocalyptic movie. But no, it’s Australia’s reality today.

With the Government about to hand down a Federal budget that will spend our tax money to prop up a dying gas industry, when a clean and renewable future is within our grasp, it is critical that we make our voices heard and our moves seen.

“Thought I'd retired from dancing up a storm in the seventies - till mega storms came along. So it's back to dancing again,” says XRs’ Super Freak. “Man, we gotta beat this climate change, and do it soon - so I can finally hang up the platform shoes. I get dizzy up there these days... but it’s just gotta be done.”

That is why Extinction Rebellion will be joining School Strike for Climate this Friday 25th to demand this puppet show of a government fund our future, not gas.

So come and join us from 4:30 – 5:30 or from 4pm if you’d like to speak to the star-spangled Super Freak before he once again dons his platforms for climate action.

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