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We encircled Parliament House!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Over 3,000 people at the Peoples Climate Assembly (XR ACT was one of the organisers) peacefully & symbolically encircled Parliament House on its first day back sitting for 2020.

The People's Climate Assembly (PCA) brought together youth, mums & dads, grandparents, city folk and people off the land. They came from every state in Australia. There were doctors, engineers, architects, farmers, lawyers, students, scientists, fire fighters and veterinarians talking about the real and present threat of climate change and how they are all contributing to making a difference. It was re-energising to realise we are not alone in our dismay at our government's lack of inaction and inability to recognise the threat of the climate emergency we are facing. We have a community.

At the conclusion of speeches on Tuesday 4 February, and led by indigenous elders and Red Rebels, over 3,000 people encircled Parliament House and joined hands making a 2 kilometre circle.

To see some of the photos for the PCA check out the gallery here.

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