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Alone Together

We find ourselves in a unique and unprecedented situation. It is scary, confusing and it is escalating at a pace that makes it hard to find steady ground on which to stand, or even to plan for a future that will be unequivocally altered by COVID-19. One certainty is that the climate and ecological crisis remains.

Right now, preventing the spread of COVID-19 and showing kindness to our community is of utmost importance – you already know this of course, being the kind, caring and responsible rebels that you are.

That means no more XR ACT actions in person (for now), but it doesn’t mean an end to our actions. The current situation calls for an evolution - not a shelving - of our rebellion.

This is a time to remember what we are rebelling for - a thriving and just world of regenerative cultures that can weather crises, foster cooperation and look after each other on a global scale.

We are taking some time to re-calibrate and come up with ways to take care of each other and continue our rebellion through a virtually connected world. We’ll be in touch with more on this soon.

Now is a time to act responsibly.

A time to protect the vulnerable in our society by adhering to social distancing measures.

It is a time to regenerate.

Look after yourselves, your loved ones and your mental health in these trying times.

  • The global XR regen team have developed #Alonetogether handbook for support and online learning, workshops, wellbeing and more.

  • See their #AloneTogether online TV program here. Contributions to this channel are encouraged.

We may not be able to open our doors, but we can open our hearts. Be kind to one another, your neighbours and your community, remember that there are people alone and in great need during this crisis.

  • Here is a link to a Canberra Region Mutual Aid Group on Facebook and more info here if you aren’t on Facebook

  • See Getup’s Viral Kindness hub to find support near you

  • The Canberra Relief Network (CRN) has been established by the ACT government in collaboration with existing community organisations to provide essential food and supplies to vulnerable Canberrans during the COVID-19 crisis. Access via link or call 5104 9599.

  • The Tuggeranong Mutual Aid Group has many useful links and contact details (not affiliated with any business, community group, political party or religion)

It is a time to stay connected, to learn and be creative.

We’ll be in touch soon with some ideas on how we can evolve our rebellion, but in the meantime…

  • The Sydney Regenerative Culture team is holding online Regenerative Culture dialogues. You can observe and participate in a weekly interview with a variety of guests sharing their knowledge about building a regenerative culture.

  • If you would like to become more actively involved in XR ACT at this time, please contact us on There will be opportunities to stay connected, join or create an affinity group, skill up, develop strategies and create art for when we are out on the streets again.

  • If you’re keen to support other rebels and have a specific idea, our XR ACT Regen team would love to hear from you on

  • If your affinity group wants to set up online Zoom meetings, please let us know at and we can set that up.

It is a time to be productive.

Our worlds have been thrown into a strange new reality, structure to your day is key. You may find yourself with more time (or a different kind of time) than you want, an adjustment from the busy lives we have been leading. It is important to meet this reality with resolve, not retirement!

  • Eat well, exercise, get outside and enjoy the fresh air

  • Stay connected to friends and loved ones

  • Check out #greenquarantine for some easy ideas on how to kickstart your quarantine activism.

  • There is still so much you can do from your home!

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